EagleFeatherA Journey Into Consciousness…

My birth name is Scott, but I prefer to be called Eagle or EagleFeather, which is the name given to me by Lakota Elders during Ceremony.  My story starts a long time ago…in 1966 actually, but lets start just a bit later than that…

The rule growing up in my house was, you ate what my parents fixed or you were on your own.  I was a VERY picky eater (and still am, to an extent).  Throughout my childhood and most of my life, I didn’t like vegetables.  Especially, green leafy vegetables.  I would eat corn, potatoes, tomato sauce (but not tomatoes or ketchup), onions, garlic….and not much more than that lol.  So, about the time I was 12, I started cooking for myself.  I was a hardcore carnivore – meat, fish, seafood, poultry….I ate it all.  I was lucky in that I had a naturally lean physique and a high metabolism, so I could eat pretty much anything I wanted and as much as I wanted.  I never paid much attention to nutrition until I was much older.

I loved to cook and loved to prepare decadent meals for my friends.  As I got older, I started eating better quality foods (like buying Coach Leather instead of Target Brand lol), but I was still eating meat.  I knew what ‘vegan’ was, but never really understood the whole picture.  I thought that because I was buying locally raised grassfed meats from organic family farms, I was doing a good thing…for myself and those I cooked for.

Lets jump to the fall of 2011……I was 45yrs old…in pretty decent shape and healthy (so I thought).  My stepson,who suffers from food alergies and asthma, decides he’s gonna heal himself with diet.  So, he sets out on a journey of discovery of what true health is.  As he learns and shares what he’s learning, I start making changes….first to go was fast foods, processed foods, gluten, msg, preservatives, table salt and refined sugars.  I felt good….or as good as I could on a carnivore diet.

The big change for me happened in Feb of 2012….I took a 10 day trip to Costa Rica and while there I ate more fresh fruit than anything else.  I only ate meat once (red meat/poultry)….and I didn’t miss it, and didn’t crave it.  I felt so good while I was there , that when I returned, I made the decision to give up red meat.  At that time I was 210 lbs.  and wore a size 36 pants.  I still, at that time, didn’t know much about being vegan….I was going purely off of how I felt.  So, I’m still eating pork, chicken, fish, seafood and dairy.  Then about March of 2012, I start to notice a difference in how I feel after eating pork….ok, pork gone.  Fast forward 2 months…May 2012…I read a new study showing how even organic chickens have high levels of chlorine and arsenic….goodbye chicken.

Now, I should probably explain that by this point I have a reputation with family and friends for making rich decadant meals…lotsa butter, lotsa cheese, lotsa flavor…I actually used to tell people when they come over, ” I cook for taste, not nutrition…if you are looking for low-fat, low-calorie…go somewhere else” lol.    I was making my own butter from whole raw cream, with a little honey mixed in.  I was buying and using whole raw cheese and raw milk.

Now we’re into June of 2012 and after reading about shellfish/crustaceans and all the toxins found in them (being scavangers and eating the feces of other aquatic animals)…I’m done with seafood.   I also give up any ocean fish because of the increased levels of radiation from Fukushima and the high mercury levels.  Pretty much the only fish I’m eating at this point is Tilapia from Costa Rica (pond raised fish).  I limit my fish intake to twice a month.  I’m also experimenting with dairy substitutes at this point….almond and rice milk and rice cheese.

I’m paying much more attention to how I feel the day after I eat…….and in July, I give up the fish, and commit to going dairy free as well.  I’ll admit that it was a struggle at first.  I couldn’t cook anything that tasted “good” to me lol…I was used to cooking with butter and cheese and making thick rich sauces…and I was lost……temporarily.

Throughout this whole journey of real food, I’m digging and learning the truth about what we eat, where it comes from, and what a ‘human being” really needs to be healthy.

There are a lot of foods that are really not optimum for human consumption.  Even after giving up meat and dairy, I’m still having some digestive issues.  Then I come across some really interesting and controversial information on Garlic. I give up garlic and within 3 days, all my stomach issues are gone.  I learn about the true behavior of soy in the human system – soy is now gone.  I learn about food PH and about how certain foods become carcinogenic when they are cooked….goodbye potatoes.

These kind of discoveries keep happening…and as I continue to refine my eating habits I notice how much better I feel.   AND, to my surprise, my weight is drastically dropping.  Exactly one year after I gave up red meat and started this whole process, my weight has dropped 50lbs. and I feel great.

I’ve put in a great deal of time learning about true health, and learning how to cook vegan meals that are rich, decadent and healthy….well, as healthy as you can get with cooked food.  I know RAW is better, but not sure I’m ready to take that step.  I am now about 75% raw and only eat one small cooked meal a day.  I eat a mostly alkaline diet as well.

My studies have earned me a certification in Detoxification and Cellular Regeneration and I am now working on a certification in Iridology.  I have also built a successful practice doing Detox Coaching, Dietary Consulting and Personal Chef’ing/Cooking Instruction.

My goal here is to share what I’ve learned….to show/teach people that you can be Above and Beyond Vegan, and still eat tasty healthy meals.

This project is ongoing, constantly learning, experimenting and sharing.  I look forward to sharing my experiences, my knowledge and my passion for health, cooking and wellness.  I look forward to your feedback and hearing about your experiences going Above and Beyond Vegan.