The Agrovore Way™

What is Agrovore?

Let me first start out by saying that I fully believe in Animal Rights and I don’t knowingly purchase, use or endorse animal products, but having said that, I’m no activist either. I just don’t like the negative connotation that the word “Vegan” has with so many people. Yes, I follow a ‘vegan’ diet, no I’m not gonna shove my agenda down your throat.

It seems to me that more and more, lately, when

someone finds out I’m vegan, I get that initial reaction…you know it, that face. The face that

says, “OH, you’re one of the those people”. Well, I’m not here to talk about animal rights, politics or the sociopolitical climate of meat eaters vs plant eaters. I’m here to talk to you about HEALTH and WELLBEING.

So, Why not Vegan? Because being vegan does not necessarily mean being Healthy. Did you know that some Doritos are vegan? Did you know that a number of known carcinogens including msg, gmo’s, preservatives, gluten, refined sugars, refined salts and soy, are accept- able additives in vegan food? These known carcinogens, in study after study, have been shown to have a range of negative effects on the human body, yet are in almost all packaged vegan products. This is what led me on my journey to becoming “Above and Beyond Vegan” and starting the Agrovore movement. I’ll talk more about my journey later on, for now lets cover what exactly “Agrovore” means and my vision of the Agrovore Movement.

The word AGROVORE is made up of the prefix, Agro-, which means “from the dirt or from the soil”, and the suffix, -vore, which means “to eat or consume”. I’m taking these definitions in their literal and historical sense. Yes, gluten and soy both grow in dirt, but if you take those plants back to their historical origins, they don’t resemble the laboratory syn- thesized and genetically modified versions we are accustomed to today.

My vision of being Agrovore is someone that consumes real, unadulterated, unmodified plant-based nutrients, the way nature intended. As an Agrovore, I do not eat the following;

  • Meat
  • Preservatives
  • Dairy
  • ChemicalAdditives
  • Gluten
  • Refined Sugars
  • MSG
  • Refined Salts
  • GMO’s
  • Soy
  • Fillers/Binders
  • Artificial Coloring

Simply put…an Agrovore eats REAL food the way NATURE intended, taking into account organic vs non-organic, food acidity, nutritional value and total affect on wellness.