Creamy Sun-dried Tomato Basil Pesto Fettuccine

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Tweet   This is one of my favorite meals, this time of year.  It’s mostly raw, except for the mushrooms, and only warmed enough to soften the squash and zucchini fettuccine.  The sauce is made from my own sun-dried tomato basil pesto, raw cashew cream and coconut milk.     Eat for Life, Eat for Health Eat Above and Beyond Vegan The Agrovore...

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News, Updates and Adventure…

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Tweet First, I want to apologize to everyone for taking so long to get this post up…..and for disappearing so suddenly.  There have been a lot of changes in my world… To start off….I am no longer working as the vegan chef at Racheli’s in longmont.  I needed to take a step towards having my own kitchen and accepted a Kitchen Manager position at a very popular and very busy breakfast/lunch restaurant in Niwot, CO….The Garden Gate Cafe.   Unfortunately, this job doesn’t allow me to run my vegan specials, but...

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Balsamic Buttercream Pasta

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Tweet   This is like 3 recipes in one, but oh so delicious.  The organic sunchokes are sauteed in some vegan butter, olive oil and herbs.  The mushrooms are sauteed and glazed with homemade balsamic glaze.  The vegan buttercream sauce is made with a vegan roux, coconut milk, raw cashew cream, fresh basil and chopped calabrian chilis.   I added the mushrooms (and juice) and sunchokes to the sauce just before serving.  The whole thing is served over raw zucchini and squash noodles.  This is a very rich creamy sauce and will satisfy the...

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Stuffed Red Pepper with Balsamic Glazed Criminis……this weekend at Racheli’s

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Tweet   This weeks special…Thur-Sat 5/14-5/16  (while supplies last)…only at Racheli’s Italian A fresh red bell pepper stuffed full of goodness!  Available with either vegan stuffing or sausage/cheese stuffing.  The vegan stuffing is made with spinach, broccoli, jasmine rice, raw cashew cream cheese, garlic, scallions and caramelized onions.  The other option is fontanini sausage, ricotta, mozz, spinach, caramelized onions, garlic and farro.  Both are served on a plate of vegan tomato basil marinara and come with fresh...

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Portobello Parmigiano…on special at Racheli’s this weekend

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Tweet This weeks special  –  available Thur – Sat 4/29 – 5/2 (while supplies last) A juicy, marinated and breaded portobello on a bed of pasta, smothered with cheese and sauce and served with sauteed seasonal veggies and garlic bread. Choose between vegan and non-vegan options as well as gluten-free or not.  The portobello is marinated and breaded with a vegan, gluten-free breading and served with vegan tomato basil marinara. Here are the choices for noodles, cheese and bread; raw zucchini noodles – gf, vegan house...

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Best of Boulder 2015 – Staff Pick

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Tweet   Come in to Racheli’s Italian Restaurant and try some of Chef Eagle Feathers vegan/gf/sf creations… Thanks to the Boulder Weekly staff for the shout out!     Eat for Life, Eat for Health Eat Above and Beyond Vegan The Agrovore...

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Gluten-free and Vegan offerings at Racheli’s Italian Restaurant

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Tweet   Chef Eagle Feather’s first Vegan Supper Club at Racheli’s was a great success.   If you missed it, please stay tuned, we will be announcing the next one soon.   In the meantime, we are excited to bring out our new Vegan menu.  There will be more additions coming as well as new vegan weekend specials.   We have no problem mixing and matching noodles and sauces to your liking.   All the vegan sauces are Gluten-free and soy-free as well and served with fresh seasonal vegetables.  Off the menu specials currently running...

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VEGAN Ravioli Alfredo…This weeks special, only at Racheli’s

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Tweet   This is one meal that I had pretty much written off.  It just seemed too daunting a task to recreate ravioli without all the meat, dairy, gluten, soy, etc, etc….but times have changed and compassionate, healthy eaters have lots more options than they used too. This is a “from-scratch, homemade” meal (yes, I made every one of the raviolis myself, lol).  For the pasta, I used Namaste brand gluten-free, vegan flour.  The vegan, gluten-free garlic bread is made by our friends over at Kim & Jake’s bakery in...

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Portobello Burgers

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Tweet   I haven’t had a real burger in years…..I don’t even crave burgers, the smell disgusts me, the bread tweaks my stomach….but thanks to the folks over at Kim and Jake’s bakery in south Boulder, I can enjoy a burger again….totally vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and non-gmo. This is a simple, quick and super delicious meal.  I coated the portobellos in a mixture of avocado oil, red wine vinegar and herbs and baked them until soft.  I toasted the olive oil and herb bun and then put some cashew cheese...

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Vegan Fettuccine con Carciofi….this weekend only at Racheli’s

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Tweet For this weekends Vegan Special at Racheli’s Italian Restaurant, Chef Eagle Feather took a classic italian dish and veganized it with style.   Fettuccine con Carciofi, or Fettuccine with Artichokes… This special is totally vegan, gluten-free, soy-free…even the garlic bread! Served with your choice of brown rice fettuccine noodles or raw zucchini noodles and Kim and Jake’s vegan/glutenfree/soyfree bread with vegan garlic butter.   This Thur – Sat 4/9-4/11… Lunch and Dinner  (while supplies last...

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