Faux CrabCakes and Herbed Scallops

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This meal turned out incredibly tasty!  The “crab cakes” are essentially just artichoke fritters seasoned like a crab cake.  I used chopped up artichoke hearts, scallions, peppers, gf/vegan panko and gf/vegan mayo.  Then I mixed in a bunch of “seafoody” spices.  You could even use Old Bay.  I made up some Sriracha Crema to give them a little kick.  The scallops are the stems of King Trumpet mushrooms.  They are sauteed in vegan butter and olive oil with an assortment of herbs.  It may not taste exactly like real seafood, but that’s not the point.  This is an amazingly delicious meal on its own…….and good for you!


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