Portobello Fingers with Chili Cheeze Sauce

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I scored some HUGE portobellos at the farmers market, so instead of fries, these were the size of chicken fingers.  I used the same chili cheeze sauce that I put on my sweet potato hash browns.

I cleaned the mushrooms, removed the stems and gills and then sliced them about a quarter inch thick.  Then I dunked them in a thick liquid batter that I made from coconut flour, tapioca flour, coconut milk and seasonings…. Then immediately rolled them in a dry mixture.   I flash fried them in avocado oil to seal in the juices.

They were so amazing… And filling.

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  1. Chef, Please, what is the proportions to the liquid batter and the ingredients of the dry mixture recipe? I had some portabella mushrooms at a banquet in bar in downtown Denver once that tasted just like beef, but have never been able to duplicate the taste or texture. Any ideas?

    • Mike,

      The liquid batter and the dry mixture are exactly the same except I added coconut milk to make the liquid batter. Coconut flour is very VERY thick, so it doesn’t take much. I would add the coconut milk and your seasonings first, then some tapioca flour, then some coconut flour. Add the flour slowly and mix well each time you add some (I recommend using a whisk). You want the liquid batter thick and not runny so it sticks. The trick with sliced bella’s is to not overcook them, especially if you want a meaty texture. Most likely the restaurant you went to, used some steak sauce or something to add to the meaty taste.

      Hope that helps,
      Chef EF

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