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I know its been a long time since I’ve posted and here is why.  I have accepted a position as Head Chef at Casa Bambu.  This all happened somewhat suddenly and involved a fair amount of preparation as well as a 4000 mile journey south.  Casa Bambu is the restaurant at a resort owned by a friend of mine… Costa Rica.  We will be altering the current menu to include a number of my Vegan creations, as well as offering retreats focused on food based healing, plant medicine and fruit based detoxification.

It is currently the rainy season here and the “off-season” for tourists, so we are taking this time to get our own organic gardens put in, make menu changes and prepare for the “high-season” which starts in January. 

Thanks to everyone who supported me at local farmers markets, restaurants and in my consulting business.  All of that work has led me to this point and now I’ve taken the step to see where this path will lead me.

Please stay tuned and I will start posting more as we progess.


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  1. Congrats EagleFeather! Glad to see all your hard work & dreams are coming true!!!

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