My name is Mercedes:  Since I have started doing what Scott advised me I  feel great, energetic, healthier, my blood pressure does not go low as before, I feel stronger. I can run without pain on my feet like before.  I know that my osteoporosis will be gone.  I truly believe it.  I have my 13 years old son doing what I am doing, also my 28 years old daughter is doing what I was advised, and she called me the other day and told how great she feels since she started.  ~Mercedes


 Scott did an excellent job of explaining the health philosophy he teaches.  He shared the material very clearly and in ways that are easy to understand for the lay person.  He has also been helpful and accessible in responding to questions along the health journey.  Initially many friends and family members had concerns, particularly because there is so much misinformation and misunderstanding about fruit.  I have tried many alternative approaches to diet and health but nothing has given me the kind of improvement as the approach Scott teaches.

Since making the dietary changes advised by Scott about four or five months ago, I have experienced a number of positive changes.  I have not been overly rigid with my diet but have found that I now feel so good that it is often not worth it to me to eat something that brings me down.  In other words, it does not require a great deal of willpower to stay on-track.  
One of the things that I so appreciate about Scott is that he does not push his views.  He shares his perspective and knowledge but then encourages people to do the best they can and go with what feels right to them.  He knows that as people see results that this becomes motivation to make more changes.  That has been the case for me as I started out slowly but then felt inspired to make more changes over time. 
I did experience cleansing and detoxification type symptoms for a month or two.  However, eventually I noticed the following improvements:
  1. I no longer wake up feeling congested.
  2. For as long as I can remember I have had numerous white spots on my fingernails.  That has improved 99%.
  3. My body odor is much improved (per my wife).
  4. I had a lot of tooth and gum problems previously (periodontal disease. bone loss and tooth resorption with a lot of pain and difficulty chewing on one side of my mouth).  This seems to have dramatically improved with lower sensitivity and the ability now to chew with almost no pain.  My dental hygienist has also noticed an improvement in the amount of stain and tartar on my teeth.
  5. Feelings of increased energy and lightness.
  6. Increased mental clarity
  7. Increased emotional stability (previously I would wake up anxious in the mornings.)
  8. Decreased amount of ear wax.
  9. Recovery time after exercising at the gym is much improved.
  10. I practice martial arts and have noticed that I seem to be less injury prone, have more energy and that my recovery time is quicker.
  11. I have lost 20 lbs and am now at my ideal weight.
  12. While doing certain exercises I would often have pain in one of my knees, that seems to be gone now as well.
For me this approach has been a slow but steady and sustainable process of moving towards optimal health.  Because I now feel better than I ever have previously, I am excited to continue on the journey to see what is next!  
Many thanks to Scott and his family!  I hope people are at least open to hearing what he has to share, even if some of the information seems contrary to public opinion and contradictory to some of the alternative health philosophies.”  ~ Mark L. 44yo